Delivered from alcoholism and smoking, and many other healings

In 1988 my wife told me that she had received the Holy Spirit and she spoke in tongues – a language from God which was proof of the Holy Spirit. I discussed this with her and a couple from the Revival Fellowship and compared what they showed me in the Bible with my belief as an Anglican and found that the Bible and my church did not match up.

For four days we discussed the scriptures from the Bible and I decided that I had to know if what the Bible said was true, that I would know that I had received the Holy Spirit because I would speak in a language from God.

I asked what I had to do to receive the Holy Spirit. My wife said “Say Hallelujah and keep saying it. When you are given the Holy Spirit, God will take control of your tongue and a new language will come out.”

My wife started praying with me (this was the first time that I heard tongues and it was amazing). I started saying Hallelujah and after 15 minutes I found that I was tongue tied. I relaxed and out of my mouth came this incredible language. I had received the Holy Spirit!

The next day I went to a Revival Fellowship meeting and was baptised by being fully immersed in water. This symbolic burial completed what the Bible said I had to do.

Within the first week of receiving the Holy Spirit I discovered that I was healed of the desire for alcohol (I was an alcoholic in my early 20’s). My desire for cigarettes was taken away from me. A degenerative knee condition that that doctors in Canada and England said could never be corrected was healed by God.

I was grinding my teeth in my sleep at this time as well. It had severely impacted on my ability to eat properly. I had to wear a brace at night (called a bite plane). Specialists said that I would require the brace for the rest of my life to stop me grinding my teeth. This was healed by God in the first week after receiving the Holy Spirit.

Prayers for work have been answered continually by God. Financial distress has always been sorted out by God.

My two children received the Holy Spirit on their own. My wife and I knew about it when we prayed with them and they no longer said “Hallelujah” but instead were praying in tongues. They have been blessed by God in their schooling and university and trade pursuits. The way that the God has blessed them with work and careers has been truly amazing.

Medically, God has healed my wife of arthritis in her shoulder and hip, cataracts in her right eye and bursitis in her shoulder. Two of these were healed after I went on a three day prayer and fast for her conditions.

This is just one small part of many things that the God has done for me and my family. If you think that you are a believer then read Mark 16: 17 – 18 on the signs that follow believers. These signs are in my life.