I found meaning to my life

In 2003 I was travelling around Australia, searching for more meaning in my life. In Albany I met someone from the Revival Fellowship who told me about God. That was an answer to prayer, because a few days earlier I had called on God to give me some direction in a situation I was facing.  I didn’t specifically ask God about attending a church group, I just asked for help and guidance. God gave me even more than I asked for!

The person I met gave me answers to life’s big questions straight from the Bible, and told me what I need to do to be ‘right’ in the eyes of God. I had been christened as a child, but that didn’t seem to be in the Bible and wasn’t enough to please God. After some contemplating I thought, what have I got to lose by testing this out? With that attitude I was baptised by full immersion at the beach in Albany. Later, I was encouraged to pray and ask God for the Holy Spirit and after a time of prayer I began to speak in another tongue just like the men and women in the Bible did 2000 years ago. Even though I believed in God before this, I was never told about this experience until this time. I’m so glad God sent someone to tell me what I needed to do to have eternal life.

Since that first experience I have been able to read the Bible and find answers and encouragement there, and I pray to God in this new tongue. I can see in His word that this is the way to go. I have now found the true purpose to life! God has proved Himself to me and continues to bless my life.