Heart healed after two major heart attacks

In May 2012 on a Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling too well and decided not to go to church. About midday I felt a severe pain in my chest. I could not move. I hid around the corner from my wife as I did not want to scare her. I held my chest and crouched over in severe pain and could not move. I was having a heart attack. It lasted for about 15 minutes then subsided. I did not want to tell my wife but knew I should have gone to hospital.

The next day I went to work and knew I needed to make an appointment with my doctor. The earliest was Tuesday morning so I took it nice and easy. Tuesday morning I went to see my doctor and he warned me I was in deep trouble and booked me for a stress test on Friday.

I went back to work and that afternoon I was sitting in my office alone with no-one else around and I felt the pain start again. I fell to the ground and could not move. I was in severe pain and froze. All I could think of was ‘pray’. That was extremely difficult to do. The heart attack lasted about a half an hour. As it was subsiding I jumped in my car with great difficulty and drove down the emergency lane of the freeway in peak hour traffic to the hospital. They checked me out and told me after all the testing that I required a triple bypass. I went into surgery and was told I was going to have a triple bypass. Next thing I knew in recovery for some strange reason I only got 3 stents put in and was left with a completely blocked artery. My cardiologist said I would be fine and started me through a recovery fitness program.

6 months later I complained I was deteriorating and he shrugged it off. Months later he finally accepted that I was getting worse. I asked for a full stress test which finally happened and they picked up the following. My stents had not taken and I had flooding back in one of the valves. The cardiologist then said he would book me in for the triple bypass. Being in the public system I would have to wait at least 3-6 months for my op unless I ended up in emergency. Over the next 3 months I got worse and worse. I was at the point where I could only walk 30-50 metres without being totally exhausted. I had lost all the colour in my face, could only sing 2 lines in a chorus, had severe pains in my arms and legs, chest pains and headspins. Not a good way to be. My GP said walk in to emergency and they will operate straight away but I am a patient man. Finally I was booked in for surgery and that morning I had some prayer before going in.

As I was being prepped for surgery I found myself alone on the table ready for the operation. I immediately took the opportunity to start praising God. As I was praising God and giving him all the glory for all the past 27 years of miracles that had already happened in my family I felt this amazing rush going up and down my body a number of times. I knew instantly I was healed. Next thing I remember is lying in the ward and the Surgeon coming to me and saying they could find nothing wrong with me in the pretest before surgery. I was released that day. The next day I was walking the dogs along the beach for miles and digging holes. No more pains and all the colour back instantly in my face.

I later visited my cardiologist, and the first thing I said to him was – Don’t say a word, before you say anything I would just like to confirm with you that we did do all the right tests. You did confirm my stents had failed and I had flooding back in a valve and that one artery is completely blocked. You also confirmed I required a triple bypass that should have been done the first time. His answer was YES YES YES why? I replied well you know I’ve been completely healed by God. He stated, I know something has happened and what ever you have been doing keep on doing it.

Without God’s intervention I could not have had a miraculous instantaneous healing. I was also told that during my second heart attack I should have died. I would like to thank God and all the people praying for me over that difficult period of time.