Healed of arthritis and cataracts

I was raised in the Anglican church. I gave my heart to the Lord twice – once at a Billy Graham Crusade, and again at a Bible class camp. I traveled overseas and ended up working in Perth with a lady who had been healed of cancer of the cervix. I was amazed by the fact that God did something for someone. I was told about the Holy Spirit and the need to have it, and that God would give me a special language to speak to him in when I received it. This was new to me. I remember the dress Mum made me when I was confirmed in the Anglican Church, but nothing miraculous happened then. I went to their church to check it all out. I was baptized by full immersion, and true to His word, God filled me with the Holy Spirit and I spoke in tongues. Straight away, God gave me a peace and assurance that He was real, and He was looking after me.

I have since been healed of arthritis in my shoulder and hip, and a cataract in my right eye. My husband and I have been provided for financially when we were down to our last dollars, and also protected in a potential accident where the wheel came off the car. The Lord has healed a child of ADHD after I had prayer for him. After prayer my neighbour was healed of problems preventing her from having another child. She went on to have twins. I have seen the Lord bless our marriage and children, and I praise Him for giving me a future with Him.